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Merit Royal Casino

Merit Royal Casino

At Merit Royal Casino colorful world of excitement awaits under the world’s largest roulette wheel.

You are met by the biggest roulette of the world which is at the entrance of the Merit Royal Casino that is above world’s standards and is founded on area of 9060 square meters and where quality and magnificence is felt all around. The pond that contains an array of bright colors and that is placed right under the 20 meter-roulette invites you to this colorful world.

The Casino Where You Can Find Maximum Bet And The Most Various Games In Cyprus; Merit Royal Casino!

Merit Royal Casino is at service of you respectful customers with lots of V.I.P halls expect for main casinos.

You can find the best quality of the service at Merit Royal Casino which is designed in various colors and in a magnificent architecture.

Within the Merit Royal Casino where you can find Maximum Bet and the most various games in Cyprus; Merit Royal Casino includes;

  • 50 Live Game Tables
  • You can enjoy with 300 Slot Machines with the latest technology and the most popular games in it.

Winning By Mega JackPot

Within Merit Casinos, 2200 slot machines that are connected with each other make 5 types of Jackpots that are in the system won. It is enough to win that you should have Players Club Card and you should insert your Players Club Card to machine which you are playing.



Makinelerde oyun oynarken Merit Club Card kullanmanız size daha çok kazandırır! Unutmayın! MEGA JACKPOT ikramiyelerini sadece MERİT CLUB CARD’ın takılı olduğu makinalarda kazanma şansınız var!

Merit Club Card