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The Merit Crystal Cove Hotel’s fish restaurant, Lambusa, is receiving thumbs up from fish-lovers for its delicious food, rich mezes, specially produced olive oil and bread. Don’t forget to make your reservation!

Lambusa Fish Restaurant, which has been serving on the roof of the Merit Crystal Cove Hotel since 2013 with its delightful ambiance and magnificent view, is expected to be one of the most popular places in Kyrenia in the upcoming summer season. The restaurant takes its name, which means “Glowing City”, from the Kingdom of Lambusa established in the same area thousands of years ago. The restaurant is offering its guests a unique palate experience with the fish dishes, mezes, the bread that they make and bake in their own ovens, as well as the specially produced olive oil.

Lambusa’s Special Mezes

This addictive restaurant is serving the most special mezes of the Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine prepared by Cem Çelikkaya, who had worked in the best restaurants of Turkey. Çelikkaya is known for creating unique flavors from familiar tastes, such as the “Girdama with olive oil” – which is made of Girdama, a popular pickled dish ingredient of Cyprus, and only available at Lambusa. The leaf mustard and cibes plant that are exclusively brought from the Aegean are among other delicacies that get a full note from the restaurant’s frequent customers. Following the cold starts, the menu offers a distinctive selection of fresh calamari, fish in milk, fish “kokoreç”, octopus grill, angler roast, shrimp casserole and fresh fried Mediterranean shrimp. Mediterranean’s pearl, the Grouper Fish, prepared by the chef’s special marinade, is presented to the guests as the main dish. In addition to these special tastes, the menu also includes salt-cured fish, fish soup and steamed depending on the guests’ request.

Bread From the Masonry Oven

The tomato bread and corn bread are also specially baked in Lambusa’s masonry oven. The olive oil obtained from the specially planted olive trees by the restaurant for its distinguished guests, is another factor that makes Lambusa exclusive and different... The efforts of the restaurant chef Kemal Colayır play an important role in the success of the restaurant – that starts with the original flavor, preparation, naturalness and continues with the immaculate care in presentation... Colayır, who makes “high quality service” his principle, and his team welcome the guests with pleasure and devotion. Combined with the restaurant’s magnificent ambience, Funda Aksoy’s singing makes this experience even more unique for the guests of Lambusa.


0392 650 02 00


EVERYDAY (Except Monday)

19:30 - 23:00