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Bella Merit

Bella Merit

Bella Merit the Italian restaurant of Merit Royal Hotel & Casino. You are faced with a tantaziling, elegant and sophisticated venue. The Ambience, delicacies, and the servide are all exactly the way should be!

Bella Merit is located on the ground floor of Royal Hotel & Casino.The lexical meaning of the words, that as you can guess from some Italian words that your ears are familiar with, is nice, beautiful... Bella Merit is indeed a nice and beautiful restaurant. Genuine Italian delicacies are being served in a traditional manner here. Of course the food has a bit of Turhish touch too. Especially the appetizers and the dishes with olive oil piquant. Not to mention the fact that the menu for the dishes with olive oil is being revised in short periods of time.


0392 650 40 00


EVERYDAY (Except Monday)

19:30 - 23:00