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Trio Poker

Merit Trio Poker

In Trio Poker the guests, who have placed ante, play with three cards, and the dealer's game opening card is Queen – Q.Guests who are satisfied with their cards, enter the game by placing a bet, equal to the previously placed ante, in the play box to enter the game, and wait for the dealer to open his/her cards; or the players accept losing the bets by folding their cards.Guests can play two different bonus games, depending on their wish. However, in order for the bets to be made, the guests must place their ante’s first.

Pair Plus

A bet, made when at least one pair or better is considered possible to make out of the three cards dealt to the guests. It may be less but not more than the ante itself. A winning hand is paid even if the dealer’s cards are higher.

Color Plus

A bet, made when all three of the dealt cards are considered by the guests to be of the same color. This bet can be placed in accordance with the table limits, independently of the ante. Even if the guest does not have strong cards, he/she may accept to lose ante and pair plus bets, and may be paid by proceeding with the color plus game. If the dealer opens the same color cards, the guest will be paid extra.

Pair Plus Bonus Payout
Straight FlushPair Plus Bet x 40
Three of a KindPair Plus Bet x 30
StraightPair Plus Bet x 6
FlushPair Plus Bet x 4
PairPair Plus Bet x 1
Color Plus Bonus Payout
Player’s Same ColorColor Plus Bet x 3
Player’s/Dealer’s Same ColorColor Plus Bet x 4
ANTE Bonus Payout
Straight FlushANTE Bet X 5
Three of a KindANTE Bet x 4
StraightANTE Bet x 1